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Fire gives and fire takes. Acceptance. Gratitude. Love.

Due to the recent fire that affected The Boatshed we are currently closed.

Life happens to everyone – it is neither good nor bad – acceptance and positive creativity can be the only meaningful response.

And on Wednesday 6th May “life happened” to us in the form of a devastating electrical fire in The Boatshed, the building occupied in part by The Lofts. Severe damage resulted in 5 Lofts rooms of which some were completely destroyed. Furthermore ile de pain, our offices and some of the shops were also destroyed. After heroic fire-fighting efforts, and thousands of litres of water, the fire was contained, but with many areas impacted by flames, water and smoke.

Update: The Original Boatshed has a new life
Thank you to our guests, tour operators and travel agents for your patience over the past months.
The Lofts Boutique Hotel, île de païn as well as Rawganics, Paisley & Bloom and Le Spa Tranquille that operated within The Boatshed were affected by the fire during May 2015. Currently the shops and the spa are able to trade and fortunately most of the insurance claims have been resolved!

For the festive season île de pain has opened a summer shack where you are still able to buy bread, sandwiches, coffee and other on the go foods. There is also a market that will run daily from 11 December. We also welcome Sybaris, Shumbawi and Ecozest who will all be operating from The Boatshed for the festive period. We have music playing on the walkway and there is a wonderful festive and relaxed feel at The Boatshed.

In the new year it will be time for us to move on, enjoy the challenge and create an enhanced experience.

When you visit The Lofts Boutique Hotel again you will find more beautiful rooms right on the water. The inside of The Boatshed will be turned into one big courtyard or atrium lobby which will provide an emotional experience with the most beautiful view of the lagoon and magnificent sunsets. This space will tell you the story of the days when yachts and boats were built by hand with practical knowledge and intuitive detail inside The Boatshed. You will sense the mystical affect of the high-pitched roof constructed for the masts of the boats.

This atrium will link directly to the famous île de païn restaurant, fun outdoor spaces and shops for our guests and visitors on the one side and the water on the other.

It is difficult to announce the exact timing to be fully operational again. However we are currently working to reopen by September/November 2016.

We will inform you immediately if all goes well and if we will reopen earlier.

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