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Fire gives and fire takes. Acceptance. Gratitude. Love.

Due to the recent fire that affected The Boatshed we are currently closed.

Life happens to everyone – it is neither good nor bad – acceptance and positive creativity can be the only meaningful response.

And on Wednesday 6th May “life happened” to us in the form of a devastating electrical fire in The Boatshed, the building occupied in part by The Lofts. Severe damage resulted in 5 Lofts rooms of which some were completely destroyed. Furthermore ile de pain, our offices and some of the shops were also destroyed. After heroic fire-fighting efforts, and thousands of litres of water, the fire was contained, but with many areas impacted by flames, water and smoke.

Today’s Reality:
You our guests are compromised with reservations that cannot be honoured. ile de pain has suffered severe damage, some of our computers and many records have been destroyed, while Le Spa Tranquille, Rawganics and Paisley and Bloom interior designers are fortunate to be fully operational. We are insured and working with the insurers and a professional team to re-build and re-create an even more inspiring experience at our treasured Lofts Boutique Hotel.

The Consequences:
Based on the current optimistic assessment, it will be at least 8-11 months before we can re-open, possibly a while longer. There is a complex insurance claim to resolve, demolition, re-design and re-construction of part of the building, as well as sourcing and purchasing of equipment and soft furnishings. We will be reviewing progress regularly and communicating with you. Our commitment to guests is to open once again when the building is fully resurrected and operational in a more beautiful form! Our creation and passion will rise from the fire to delight once again.

The reception staff will be available from 8h00 till 17h00 Monday to Friday to assist to the best of our ability. Once again our sincerest apologies.

One step at a time, we will move toward rebuilding, renewing and
beautifying the building and the businesses. It will take some
time but the end product will be for all to enjoy more than ever before!
Once again we thank all the people of Knysna who rallied around us
and especially the Fire Brigade and the Police for their immense effort.

"One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to
those who are kind". - Malayan Proverb

Pat Mulder and The Lofts team.

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T: +27(0)44 302 5710

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