Thesen Islands

This is a residential and commercial village made up of 19 islands all linked with bridges from the one to the other. The waterways are broad, lined with gabions, filled with water and also emptied daily. The waterways are life friendly. People fish, view seahorses, enjoy the plantlife, and all thrive in this environment.

The commercial area is called Thesen Harbour Town which offers you wonderful shopping, fun, delicious and relaxing experiences at South Africa’s most desirable address.

Thesen Harbour Town has a luxurious feel away from all the noise and stress of everyday life. All facilities are within a safe, five minute walk. There is ample parking space most of which is close to the water’s edge.

Here you can stay at a hotel, live in an apartment or just visit. Activities include various water related excursions, spa tretaments, shopping for unique gifts, décor, unique clothing, enjoy a wholesome bread, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a wonderful opportunity to buy yourself the most sought after property and have an architect design your house and book your next holiday or even wine and dine from breakfast to dinner.

At Thesen Harbour Town you may be so lucky to find your ultimate pleasure.

Our favourite shops, restaurants and activities on the island:

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