Knysna Christmas Shopping Tips

We all know how it goes. Your holiday with your children and family starts, it’s a mad rush to get packed and you haven’t started your Christmas shopping yet. You don’t feel like having to rush to get everyone something special and in-between the craziness of packing you try to grab some Christmas decorations to bring on your trip.

This time of the year is delightful, but for some people it can also be very stressful.

Here are a few tips that will help you kill your trip to the stores in one-go!

1. Write a detailed list
Before you leave the house, hotel or lodge, prepare a shopping list. This will make you feel much more organised. I suggest you write down each person’s name, what type of gift they need or want, select stores where it can be purchased and have categories for each store. This way you will know exactly where to go and not waste time wandering around not knowing what to buy.

2. Familiarise yourself with the shops in Knysna
Ensure you are familiar with the shops in Knysna. Searching for the gifts on your list can be daunting if you are not sure where to go. Make sure you know where the shops are and work out a route to cover. Follow the link for a list of shops in The Boatshed:
Thesen Islands:

3. Plan a budget
It is very easy to get off track if you don’t have a budget. Plan an estimated amount for each gift and avoid impulse purchases on your credit card. A budget will make you feel in control and help you in the long run.
Tip: Leave ‘X’ amount as an extra or as a saving – this way if you’ve forgotten to buy one person a gift or if you cannot find the gift on your list you will have a little extra to play around with. Or you can treat yourself with a gift from your ‘Secret Santa’. 😊

4. Look around for deals
Take some time to look around at different stores and their prices. There can be quite a few stores that may have discounts and sales. This way you can save some money before buying it.

5. Speak to locals
Wherever you stay or whichever shops you pop into there will be a local who can guide you to find great deals or unique shops. Remember locals are also searching for gifts it might be that you have a similar gift idea and they could recommend or direct you in the right direction to find a great deal.

6. Shop by yourself
This may seem obvious, but sometimes we can’t help it but to tag someone along. And we all know that best friend or family member who can be very convincing! Even though it is always fun to have good company while shopping, it can distract you and make you purchase unnecessary things.

7. Shop early
Shopping early is the best way to do it! Usually shop assistants pack out and fill up the shelves before opening the doors. Getting there first thing in the morning is much better than arriving mid-day or the evening, as this time of the day it gets much busier and untidy. Many shops open earlier during the festive period so check their time tables and schedules to ensure you get there for stress-free shopping.  Online shopping is another great hassle-free way of doing your Christmas shopping, and best of all, it’s delivered at your door.

8. Never shop on an empty stomach
Eat before you shop or that big box of chocolates as a stocking filler might be way more tempting than necessary. It will also ensure you have enough energy for the trip and you’ll avoid having to pop into a coffee shop to have breakfast and possibly waste time which could be spent exploring the beauty of the Garden Route.

9. Get creative
If you have a special talent like crafting, painting or pottery, why not throw in some magic and make the gifts yourself? People love the thoughtful and personal touches to gifts. Visit the Knysna Pottery and Dye House and make a beautiful gift for a loved one:

10. Be unique
Knysna has very unique and talented individuals, this means you can find beautiful and artistic gifts for friends and family. We recommend popping into shops that are different or unknown (not Franchised) like Paisley & Bloom, Sybaris, Sahar Kilim & Rug, French Kisses, Aldo Kleyn Leather Design, Story and Safari Club to find those gifts. Receiving a gift from a holiday destination will always bring back the memory, reminding you of good times had.

Most importantly remember to enjoy the time with family and friends as memories and time spent together is the most important gift you can give each other.

Love x