Picnic Basket Goodies within The Boatshed

Spring is a great time to enjoy the outdoors.  There are several activities like forest walks, beach days, cycling to The Knysna Heads or even taking a scenic drive that can be combined with a picnic.  This obviously gave us the inspiration to share our picnic basket items from within The Boatshed with you.

First stop, The Lofts Atrium, for the best quiches.

Choose between tomato, bacon, spinach & mushroom, bolognese, crust or no-crust.

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The Lofts Atrium has a selection of local artisanal cheeses and cured meats.  These taste great with ile de pain bread sticks (see below) and a bottle (or two) Packwood Sauvignon Blanc or the Packwood Gent MCC Bubbly.













A secret tip:  ask the team at The Lofts Atrium for a jar of orange rollmops or green figs.  These are locally made and tastes amazing.

Next stop, Rawganic, for organic produce and natural products.

It is always good to pack fruit or dried fruits into your picnic basket.  Rawganic has a wide selection of dried fruits and the organic blueberries are freshly delivered by the farmer.

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A packet of Nacho chips is great to snack on while driving and it will keep the hunger pains at bay.

fruit, blueberries, organic, rawganic, knysna nachos, organic, rawganic, food, knysna









Combine organic Orange juice with the Packwood MCC for a mimosa or get organic Orange icicles for the kids to enjoy.  A delicious healthy treat.

orange juice, icicle, organic orange juice, rawganic, knysna

And of course some Kombucha – this is great to get the gut back to normal after consuming all these delicious treats.

kombucha, organic, rawganic, knysna

Last stop, ile de pain

Being a world-famous bakery we would obviously recommend getting some bread in the form of sticks – go for a selection of Olive, cheese and seed sticks these can easily be purchased at their counter.  While there pick out something sweet for your picnic basket – our personal favourites are the pasties de nata and the almond croissants (YUM!).

ile de pain, thesen island, bread, dessert, yum, knysna

How will you transport all your delicious goodies?  ile de pain has beautiful bags which can be kept as a keepsake to remember your time by.

picnic bag, ile de pain, thesen islands, knysna

Make your way to the car and head to your preferred picnic spot.  Remember to share your tips and photos with us.