Your Holiday Gift Guide from The Lofts

Hello Summer!

It’s that wonderful time of the year, where the weather becomes warmer and the days grow longer, bringing with them all the promises of Summer adventures and holiday fun! It’s also the time of year when we tend to give just that little bit extra – especially to our nearest and dearest.

The stress of finding something special for each of the people who matter to you most though, can be a little overwhelming; which is why we’ve created this handy Holiday Gift Guide just for you.

Make this year’s holiday shopping a breeze – shop the stores at The Boatshed in The Atrium and find a little something for everyone…

First up, for BODY:

From the bounty of the earth, pure and natural comes a range of organic, GMO-free goodies to keep you and your loved ones in good health: a gift that truly does keep on giving. In today’s modern age, it’s often difficult to balance the demands of our busy lifestyles and still get the nutrition that we need. Organic products are not always easy to come by but at RAWGANIC you will find a wealth of supplements and natural, pesticide-free, non-GMO foods. Share the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by giving RAWGANIC gifts these holidays.

Some of the gorgeous health-giving treats that Mila has lined up for you at RAWGANIC include: (from left to right) delicious Kombucha, a fermented health-boosting drink made by the Chia Health Foods Co., Bocca Dolce’s Low Acid Coffee House Blend, Mac’s Pure Natural Honey, How Diablo Became Spirit (a wonderful bedtime tale for children aged 6-12 based on a true story about Spirit the Black Leopard told from his own point of view. Anna Breytenbach, an animal communicator helps Spirit change his life and in turn this changes the life of those who care for him), glass teapot with hand-strung Flowering Tea Balls, Pukka After Dinner Tea (an infusion of organic sweet fennel, roasted chicory and cardamom) and Pukka Mint Matcha Tea, Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein and certified organic eggs from Eddie’s Eggs.

In the halcyon days of high sun, sea and salt, skin can become dehydrated. What better way to condition and replenish than with the moisturizing power of a rich Clarins treatment Gift Set for either Him or Her from LE SPA TRANQUILLE? If you’d like something tailored to the specific needs of your nearest and dearest, spoil them by putting their name on a Le Spa Tranquille Gift Voucher and let them treat themselves to exactly what they’ll relish most!

The Clarins MEN Christmas Gift Set contains a full size 2-in-1 Exfoliating Cleanser, Revitalizing Gel, 50ml, Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, 10ml and Shampoo and Conditioner, 30ml in a blue leatherette toiletry bag. The LADIES Anti-Ageing and Smoothing Christmas Gift Set contains a full size Double Serum, Moisture Rich Body Lotion and Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, both travel size, with an embellished vanity bag with gold detailing (from left to right).


For the SOUL:

No visit to the Boat Shed is complete without browsing the beautiful, carefully selected unique hand-made kilims and rugs at SAHAR KILIM AND RUG. For the artistic soul, this is a gift that will keep giving pleasure year after year.

Pop in to explore Taahir’s exquisite selection and make your choice. While we were there, some of the more unique pieces that immediately catch the eye included these:


Antique Karabach This is an absolute work of art! An antique Russian kilim circa 1945, dimensions 3.11 x 1.96 – feast your eyes and feed your soul because ‘…a thing of beauty is a joy forever’!

French Aubbuson If classic style and colours appeal to you, then you’ll love this French Aubbuson in your home. Dimensions are 3.71 x 2.69

Vintage Kordi The beautiful colours and rich tribal pattern of this unusual rug makes it a must-have for collectors. It’s origin is Iran and the dimensions are 264 x 1.84

Whilst on the subject of feeding your soul, nothing emphasises ‘tranquillity’, ‘relaxation’ and ‘sanctuary’ quite like the beauty of a well-designed interior layout in our home where carefully chosen pieces add interest, texture and comfort.  Delight yourself in Richen Vermeulen’s expertise and choose from stunning curated collections of cushions and soft-furnishings from PAISLEY AND BLOOM INTERIORS this Christmas.


When it comes to putting your mind at ease, you know that sinking into a well-made piece of furniture or taking pleasure in preparing a meal in a well-designed and finished kitchen for you and your family at the end of the day, makes a home a haven. For a range of hand crafted pieces as well as exclusive finishing touches, explore the custom-manufactured offerings from SYBARIS and find something to suit either yourself or someone close to you, that will make unwinding at the end of a long day in 2018 a pleasure. They live up to their tagline:  ‘Beyond expectation’. Speak to Sandy.

Walk in to GEM AT SHUMBAWI and allow yourself to be drawn to the energies of one of the exquisite hand-made pieces here that are a gift to body, soul AND mind; they adorn and beautify the body, they raise the energetic vibration of the soul and they soothe the mind because of the unique meanings behind each stone. Unsure? Get expert advice and choose a fine gemstone and silver jewellery stocking filler to light up the eyes of your nearest and dearest!

Happy Holidays

We’re sure you’ll agree, this guide will make holiday gift-shopping a lot less stressful and lot more holistic this year. We look forward to seeing you at the Boatshed soon!

Contact details:

Le Spa Tranquille: +27 44 302 5727/8

Rawganic: +27 82 301 9215

Paisley and Bloom: +27 84 601 1010

Sahar Kilim and Rug: +27 44 302 5775

Sybaris: +27 44 302 5731

Gem at Shumbawi: +27 44 302 5761